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Alisan Funk is an aerial creator and choreographer.

Her job is to infuse your project with diversity and creativity by collaborating with artists and directors to generate the most spectacular aerial work for your event, show or project.

With more than a decade of experience working with  diverse talent and technique, Alisan is primed to fill your project with beauty and ingenuity.

 Quotes About Alisan

Alisan has a good eye for relationship between movement, content and stage presence, making the artist give himself in his best. She gave us the exact information of what we needed in our creative process. Thank you so much and can´t wait to work with you again... - Marco Paoletti, Co-Founder ReCircle

"Alisan made the thousands of hours of training I've done show through in a five minute act. She drove my piece towards a better sense of clarity and impact.  Alisan knows what she´s talking about. When I performed for her it was immediately obvious that I could not hide. My major faults and ticks were brought out and eased. I was given tools to overcome them and to better understand why I should do so. I feel that I have met a real teacher." - Theodore, Circus Artist

"Alisan propose une esthétique différente, recherchée et a un oeil créatif très développé. Travailler avec elle est un réel plaisir, elle nous permet d'arriver rapidement à de superbes résultats basés sur notre gestuelle et notre manière de bouger." - Caroline Rochefort, Artiste de Cirque

"Alisan is that great mix of very professional and easy to work with.  She is careful to balance the needs of the performers and directors with the vision of the production, and is capable of seeing the big picture needs as well as the physical & safety needs of the performers." - Elsie Smith, Director NECCA, Cirque du Soleil performer

Her anything-goes attitude towards original exploration combined with her frank commitment to professional quality has definitely been key in my development as an artist. Her eye is acute and her knowledge of the mechanics of the body invaluable!- Seb, Circus Artist, National Circus School Graduate

Alisan's Bio

Inspired to create emotionally compelling circus performance, Montreal-based choreographer and aerial performer, Alisan Funk, dedicates herself to the technique and craft of circus bodies in motion.

Alisan draws on her extensive dance background in choreography, Graham technique and ballet, and has created numerous circus acts spanning many disciplines. Among acts that Alisan has advised, some have received critical acclaim at the prestigious Monte Carlo Circus festival. Alisan is a graduate of Canada’s National Circus School (ENC) teacher training program, New England Center For Circus Arts (NECCA) teaching program and is the head aerial choreographer with the award winning professional youth circus, Circus Smirkus. Alisan has been a consulting instructor for the ENC, NECCA, Philly Circus Center and Cuba’s National Circus.

Known for her effective and thoughtful style, she is committed to a deeper understanding movement in four dimensions, exploring how performance and emotion connect in space.

Alisan Funk Aerial Creations    alisanfunk@gmail.com    514-299-2852
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